Monday, July 16, 2007

The Point Of Guinea Pigs

Growly Bear has made his decision.

He has searched hard inside himself. He has thought about what he wants. He has taken time to reflect.

Princess Kitty has waited. She has waited patiently. She has trusted Growly Bear to do the right thing.

Growly Bear has missed Princess Kitty very much. Princess Kitty has missed Growly Bear too. But both of them knew that this time was important. They knew that at the end of it they would know the point of guinea pigs for sure.

And they do.

Princess Kitty knows that the point of guinea pigs is to love someone with all your heart. Growly Bear knows that it is to follow your heart.

There are more difficult times ahead. But they will be together this time. And love will keep them safe - forever.

...... Would they stay together forever
Or would life keep them apart
Well though the road was long their love was so strong
And those lovers followed their hearts

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rock And Roll Renegades

There is a song about Princess Kitty and Growly Bear. The last two lines are missing. There are two endings. I will tell you when I know which one finishes the song.

From the start they had something special
A spark in the darkness of life
But he had a steady companion
And she was a mother and wife
It was music that brought them together
A pied piper he wooed her with song
And their love grew each day getting stronger
Even though they knew it was wrong

They were rock and roll renegades
On a long lonely road
Lovers and soul mates
With a secret that couldn't be told

They had such great times together
Their love made them feel so alive
Though their two lives were complicated
And they wondered if they would survive
Making love was always so special
Their passion was powerful and deep
And they dreamed of the day arms enfolded
Together they'd peacefully sleep

They were rock and roll renegades
On a long lonely road
Lovers and soul mates
With a secret that couldn't be told

Now the goddess of love has a cruel side
And though their love was pure and true
She decided the time had come
When these two lovers would have to choose
Would they stay together forever
Or would life tear them apart .............

To be concluded..............


Today Growly Bear and Princess Kitty said goodbye. It is time for them to learn their lessons.

Growly Bear needs to learn who he is. He needs to learn if he wants to lead a more spiritual life or if he will stand by his responsibilities. He needs to learn if he wants to live a life where he is seen for who he is and the potential he has or a life where he lives as others expect him to. He needs to learn if he can live without Princess Kitty. And he needs to find a way to live with himself whatever he decides.

Princess Kitty will learn if love really does conquer all or if life is all about compromise like Growly Bear sometimes says. She will learn if dreams really do come true. And she will learn about life without Growly Bear.

It is the saddest of days. That little cat and that little bear are starting the next part of their journey to find the point of guinea pigs. They need some peace to do that. We are going to leave them to travel the next bit of their journey alone.

Goodbye Princess Kitty. Goodbye Growly Bear. May your love take care of you both.

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Last Supper

Princess Kitty and Growly Bear are together tonight. Growly Bear came to The Beehive.

Princess Kitty made Growly Bear a nice tea. Then they talked about how things were to be. They talked about their search for the point of guinea bigs. And then they made honey. For hours and hours. The sweetest honey ever.

Growly Bear talked about how difficult Princess Kitty can be and how wonderful. Princess Kitty was strict with Growly Bear and told him how much she loves him.

They fell asleep together cuddled up. Perhaps for the last time.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Preparing For The Big Day

Princess Kitty has been working on her floor again. And she has finished. Well done Princess Kitty.

Growly Bear has been visiting friends with the bear he lives with. He feels a long way from Princess Kitty. Princess Kitty feels a long way from Growly Bear too.

They are both thinking about tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be the last time they see each other for a little while. Maybe for ever.

Growly Bear needs time to think and make decisions. Princess Kitty needs to give him the space to do that. It is the only way they will find out the point of guinea pigs.

They are each thinking how hard the time apart will be. They are each telling themselves they need to be strong. They are each reminding themselves how much they love each other.

Be brave little creatures

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mixed Up Bear

Growly Bear has been to another wedding. Or rather the party in the evening.

He went with the Bear he lives with. They saw lots of old friends and some new ones.

Everyone likes the Bear that Growly Bear lives with. She is kind and clever and funny. And when someone said something bad about Growly Bear she put a spell on them.

Princess Kitty has had a busy day too. She met her girl kitten in town for coffee. And she has been laying the floor at The Beehive. Busy little cat.

Growly Bear liked being out with the bear he lives with. He wished Princess Kitty had been with him too. That poor mixed up bear. He really can't see the point of guinea pigs at the moment.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Sleep Tight

Princess Kitty is getting ready. Ready for a difficult job. She is going to lay a floor at The Beehive this weekend.

She has gathered the things to build the new floor. She has got the tools to build the new floor. Now all she has to do is build it.

Growly Bear has had a long week. Life is hard in the Fatty Flatfoot empire. He has a lot on his mind. And he is not sleeping very well.

Princess Kitty is not sleeping very well either. She keeps having nightmares. When she wakes up she has to remember the point of guinea pigs to stop herself feeling scared. Poor Princess Kitty.

Cats and bears need their sleep. They have busy lives. I hope they sleep well tonight.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Run Little Bear

Growly Bear has had a strange day.

It was a special day in the Fatty Flatfoot empire. Fatty Flatfoot had arranged some celebrations so that everyone could pretend they are happy. She gathered all the slaves together and made them play games and pretend to laugh out loud.

Poor Growly Bear. He joined in and pretended to smile. But he knew he would not find the point of guinea pigs there. And inside he was wishing Princess Kitty could come and secretly rescue him.

Princess Kitty thought about Growly Bear . She thought about a spell to rescue him. But she quite liked the thought of Growly Bear having to run about and look happy. So she just giggled.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's A Funny Old World

Growly Bear and Princess Kitty had a good chat today.

Growly Bear has been thinking a lot about what Princess Kitty said and how their time apart might be. Princess Kitty and Growly Bear agree that they are going to meet next week to talk about this time.

Princess Kitty is pleased that Growly Bear has been thinking. She is pleased that he thought her idea was good. She is glad they both agree that finding the point of guinea pigs is the most important thing.

Princess Kitty lies in bed and thinks about how strange her new world is. She thinks about how her journey has been so far. She thinks about how lucky she is to have nice friends. She thinks about how much she loves Growly Bear.

Princess Kitty cuddles up to Daisy the Cat and falls asleep.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Be Brave Little Bear

It is Princess Kitty's Daddy's birthday today. Princess Kitty has been to see him. She took him a present and a card.

Growly Bear has been doing more thinking. He is still feeling scared. He is feeling scared that Princess Kitty might one day be angry with him and reject him. He is feeling scared that he will be lonely. Poor little bear.

Princess Kitty knows she will never be angry with Growly Bear. Not really angry. Sometimes he makes her a bit cross. Like sometimes she makes him a bit cross. It's part of the point of guinea pigs.

Princess Kitty spent the rest of her evening with some friends. They are planning a special event. Princess Kitty has some jobs to do that will keep her busy for a while.

Growly Bear has lots to do too. He is busy at work in the Fatty Flatfoot empire. And all the time he is thinking about how things will be.

Be brave little bear. This will be OK.